Top 15 best drones under 100 Dollars

Best Drones under 100Hello and welcome to another post here at RC Hobbies on Air. Today we’ll talk about the best drones under 100 dollars.

I guess you are still wondering if it is true that there are drones under 100 dollars. Well, actually yes, there are many, many options out there.

Yet I know what you are thinking, these have to be very cheap and low-quality drones that are worthless. However, just the opposite is correct.

Hang on because we’ll explore some very good options that combine affordability and great quality. In a nutshell, here is the list of the best drones under 100 dollars. But don’t take my word for granted, keep reading to know why is that I say these are the best drones in this price category.

[ninja_tables id=”6838″]

If you kept reading, you are on my team. I don’t go with the first impression, I never judge a book for the cover, and always need to know more information about everything I’m being told to build my own criterion.

The truth is that the table above is the result of a thorough analysis of over 20 drones under 100 dollars available on Amazon.

DROCON Bugs 3I actually like to collect some data from these and put everything into a spreadsheet. Then, everything gets a rating and with this I build a ranking. I’ll explain this process in more detail later, but for now I want to say that the table above is the result of comparing all these drones and sorting the final rating of each drone from the highest to the lowest.

Thus, what you see here is a true ranking of the best drones under 100 dollars. This is why I can confidently say that whatever you choose, you’ll be making a great choice.

But before going into the details of each drone (this part is below), let me get into what I look at to determine if a drone is a good one or not.

What to look for in a drone to see if it is a good one or not

The world of drones is a very dynamic and changing one. Literally, every day a handful of models hit the market with a new feature.

Holy Stone F181CAnything from headless modes, gravity sensors, altitude hold, draw the path, to new and more advanced cameras or flight modes.

Thus, it can be very hard to know what to look for in a drone to determine if it is a good one or not.

The thing is that a headless mode, for instance, does not mean the same for every model. Some models are said to have a headless mode simply because you can change the head of the drone, yet, that is not headless, it simply is changing the head.

That is the difficulty when comparing drones, it is not an apples to apples thing. Yet, this is one of those situations in which going back to basics is the answer.

If we do this, then it becomes very simple to define what its called: Critical to Quality, or CTQ.

Thus, we can assign the CTQs to those features that will directly impact the user experience with a drone, and most likely, these are the ones related to the flight experience.

In this category we have:

  • Flight time
  • Charge time
  • Flight range

Also, since one of the most wanted features of a drone is the camera, I like to include it in those things I evaluate.

We should not forget that you reached this post by searching drones under 100 dollars (most desirably the best of the best), thus, the price is also something to rate, and my educated guess is that the cheaper the better.

Last but not least, something I always check are the customer reviews, since these provide useful data from current users of each drone. Thus, I consider these as an amazing source of knowledge to draw a drone profile.

Let me explain in simple but useful terms each one of these aspects I rate so that you can be sure that each drone on this list is a great choice.

Think Budget and not Price Tag

Budget and price are not the same thing, and this is why I consider important to expand a bit more on this.

Holy Stone HS160The price of your drone is the amount of money you need to pay to get that drone, whereas the budget is a broader concept.

You should always think in terms of a budget, since more than likely the drone will need spare parts, extra batteries, registration fee (if applicable), and other accessories you need to get or keep your drone flying.

This is true for every type of drone, not just the ones under 100 dollars, and actually as you grow in the hobby, the same happens with the drones you fly. Especially the most expensive ones require accessories such as carrying cases and protective gear.

Thus, thinking in terms of a budget is very important and much more convenient.

By the way, if you can expand your budget a little and want to know about more options, check these pages to know more about the best drones under 200 or 300 dollars.

Is the Camera important to you?

The camera of the drone does not impact the flight experience, but like I said, this is one of the most fascinating features of a quadcopter.

DROCON U31WEvaluating the camera can be hard as well, since many things are to the camera than just the definition, however and given the way cameras are configured for drones (at least the ones in this price category), we can say with confidence that resolution is the main thing to look at in terms of the camera of a drone.

For the price category we are evaluating, cameras may not be that impressive, but you’ll get for sure cameras with HD resolution, that is 720p.

I don’t have to say that professional photography is not possible with these cameras, but if you want to get a top view of your house or your land, these can do the job.

However, I want to say that the Bugs 3 drone that is listed on the top of this list is capable of holding a UHD camera, that is a 4K one, so the possibilities can increase a lot. However, this is still far from being able to help you shoot professional-grade images, since the camera may not be that stable.

Whatever the case is, any of these drones will actually deliver a great flight experience as far as the camera concerns.

What is the Flight Time for the Best Drones under 100 Dollars?

Flight time is self-explanatory, right? It simply is the length of time the drone will fly in the air.

DROCON Bugs 3If I’d ask you how long do you think a drone can stay operational in the air, what would you say? I’ve asked this question to many newbies and they always give me random numbers, however, their guess is always something like 40 minutes or something close to it.

In reality, they become very surprised when I reveal that most drones can only fly for less than 10 minutes on a single battery. And if you are looking for a drone under 100 dollars, I could think you could fit into the newbies category.

Thus, I want to say that even when some of these drones can fly only for short periods of time, there is a way in which most of us (drone pilots) get rid of this little issue. And that is to buy extra batteries.

This is the reason why I said at the beginning that considering extra batteries in your budget is a great idea. Besides, batteries are extremely affordable, and I think you may want to get those right when you get your drone.

Also, as part of the flight time I want to recommend you getting a set of spare parts (very cheap as well), because if your drone needs a spare part and you don’t have it, your flight time will go down. Again, another reason to think budget and not price tag.

Charging time

We are now entering into another very important aspect of the flight experience. The charging time.

Syma X5UWSo your drone flew for those 10 minutes. Now the battery is drained, it is time to put it to charge and wait what, 5 or 10 minutes? What would you say?

The truth is that you could wait for 90 or more time to get your battery fully charged again. This is the biggest downside every newbie will ever see in drones, however, those of us supporting this hobby think that it is only another stone in the way that we need to clear.

And the solution to it is exactly the same I mentioned in the previous section: getting extra batteries.

I wanted to expand on these things because I think is important that you make an educated purchase. You are planning on spending at least 100 dollars in a drone, and I think it is a fair thing that at least you have enough information on your side.

Don’t let charging time scare you, you can get rid of that buying extra batteries. However, I think it’s important to know the flight and charge times so that you can estimate how many extra batteries you’ll need to satisfy your flight experience.

Of course, your budget will determine how many extra batteries you get as well.

How far can (should) you go with your drone?

Knowing your drone’s flight range is important because after a certain distance the transmitter may not be able to control it, that is, the drone will lose the signal.

DROCON Bugs 3This could lead to crashes (but you’ll crash anyway for other reasons, especially if you are starting), or even losing your drone.

You must keep control of your drone in every moment, because otherwise you may get involved in incidents or even more serious accidents (imagine your drone falling on a moving car and causing an accident, this would definitely get you in big troubles).

This is why I don’t necessarily think that short flight ranges are bad at all, since this work best for kids or beginner pilots who may be a bit intimidated by drones (something very common). However, I do think that most people enjoy being able to get their drone farther and farther every time.

My advice here would be to start small and then reaching longer and longer distances as your skills get honed.

What are current owners saying about the drone you want?

DROCON Bugs 3The closest thing to experiencing a drone by yourself is learning from those already flying it. I actually consider customer reviews an invaluable source of knowledge, because people share their experience, and this can tell you a lot about a drone before buying it.

Also, when you get the same positive (or negative) comments from lots of people, this helps to confirm that indeed you are in front of a good (or bad) drone.

This is why it is very important to really read the comments and not just see the numbers. I think this will take you very far in terms of determining if the drone you want is truly what you think.

There is something else I always tell people about customer reviews. These can be misleading in some cases, and that is why reading through the comments is very important. Let me explain.

A few years ago I attended a course about selling items on Amazon. During that course, the guy speaking said that it was OK to pay for a few (maybe 5) reviews so that the product you were selling gained some traction and started to make some sales.

AKASO A200At that moment I realized that other people heard that advice, and not just that, but that in reality this was something very simple to do. You could just go and throw some positive or negative comments about a product without actually owning the thing.

I believe this is the reason why Amazon implemented the flag of verified purchases in the comments. You still can go and comment, but people now can tell if a comment is only an opinion or an actual review.

Having said this, I’m very inclined to buy and much more recommend items with what I call, a very solid customer reviews profile. What I mean by this is that I like to recommend products with 4+ stars and hundreds if not thousands of reviews.

This in my opinion is a very conservative approach, however, it is the best approach for a beginner.

I’ll be honest here, I do buy drones that do not meet these criteria, but this is only when I’m very sure, based on my previous experience with certain brands and a bit of gut feeling, that I’m getting something that is high quality.

This “eye” you’ll develop as well as you progress in the hobby, but if you are a beginner pilot I would recommend sticking with a super conservative approach.

What to expect from a drone under 100 Dollars?

EACHINE E58I hope you received benefit from reading the previous section. I want to go back now to the best drones under 100 dollars and say what you can expect from these.

That is not all, I actually want to compare these “expectations” with what I consider the best drone of them all right now. Thus, you’ll know not only if getting a drone under 100 dollars is a good idea, but also, if it is what you are looking for.

Like I said, to me there is a clear player in the world of drones that has almost everything. In fact, the only downside I see is the price, hahaha, but this is part of the game.

Let’s take a quick look at the Phantom 4 Pro.

The Phantom 4 Pro in Numbers

These are the specs of this drone:

  • Camera: 4K
  • Flight Time: 30 min
  • Charging Time: 60 min
  • Flight Range: 7000 m

The numbers above are no little thing, in fact these are pretty impressive. What really gets my attention is flight and charge times. Look at how the difference between these is not that high. What is more, 30 minutes of operation is pretty decent for many applications.

Truth is that in order to achieve those numbers, a lot of work must be done in terms of the technology of the battery, as well as the design of the drone to not over-consume the charge and still deliver an amazing flight experience.

If budget is not a problem and you’ve experimented enough with one of these cheap drones, I would definitely recommend you consider the Phantom, it doesn’t have to be the latest or most expensive version, but this drone will completely change your perspective in terms of how you thing drones fly.

How do the best drones under 100 USD look relative to the Phantom 4?

Now that we have a frame of reference it makes complete sense to see where the best drones under 100 dollars sit in the scale of drones.

With this we can know not only what to expect, but also be very clear about if this is what we want.

In order to make it more visual, take a look at these charts and see the differences. In the end, all that matter is that you make an informed purchase.


[visualizer id=”6326″]

The above chart shows that in terms of camera, the difference is high. The Phantom 4 Pro features a 4K camera while the drones in our list have only 720p cameras. It is important to remember that although the Bugs 3 is compatible with action cameras, the one that it comes with is only HD.

This chart should help you see that if you want to do aerial photography, one of these drones will not make it through. However, consider these drones as trainers for more advanced devices.

Flight Time

[visualizer id=”6327″]

The difference between the flight times here is also noticeable. The Phantom 4 brings you up to 30 minutes of flight time with a single battery, while the longest a drone in this price category will fly are 15 minutes on a single cell.

This should not discourage you from buying a drone in this price range, as the cost benefit is still high.

Charge Time

[visualizer id=”6328″]

Charging time is very high for the best of our drones on this list. The Phantom 4 will take only 60 minutes to recharge a battery.

It is important to consider this to know if you will be completely OK with one of the best drones under 100 dollars.

Flight Range

[visualizer id=”6330″]

Like I previously said, the longer the flight range the better, however, for a beginner this may not be the most desirable case. This is why even when drones in this price range cannot compete with the huge flight range of the Phantom 4, it is not necessary to have this at the earliest stages of the piloting skills learning curve.

My Opinion about the Best Drones under 100 dollars

I can honestly say that before writing this post, I already knew that we could find some great gadgets in this price category. If that wasn’t true, I wouldn’t spend any time creating the lists, the charts, the tables, and the article.

Holy Stone HS160However, even if you don’t take my word on it, from the data I just shared you can see there are some great drones for less than 100 dollars.

In terms of the camera for instance, what about the Bugs 3? It is compatible with a 4K one and the flight range is 300 meters, the max flight range of the drones on my ranking; and… the price is not the highest either!

I think this data really backs what I think about these drones, however you get to make the last call.

It would be fair to say that should you choose any of the options presented here, you’ll be making a great choice.

The Top 15 Best Drones Under 100 Ranking

Here are more details of these drones. I’m listing 15 of the best drones under 100 dollars so that you have plenty of choices.

I hope you enjoy reading and learning from these drones as much as I did creating it.

1. DROCON Bugs 3

The Bugs 3 is a very complete drone. The flight experience you can get with it is simply amazing. This is not weird as the Bugs name is related to a long chain of successes among drones.

First of all it has a very solid customer reviews profile, since more than 300 people have said this is a great drone, and on average, users have established a 4.4 star rating at the moment of this writing.

Continuing with the camera, the one attached to the drone is an HD one, 720p, yet, this drone comes with an accessory to hold an action camera, which could be a 4K one as well. Thus, the camera capabilities of this drone can be dramatically expanded. I wouldn’t say that professional aerial photography is possible with this drone, as there is more to the camera than just its resolution.

Flight time is the longest of the list, 15 minutes to be precise, and the option to carry a 4K camera I think this is simply fantastic if you consider the price of this drone.

As for the charging time, this is also the longest in the list, 400 minutes, which if you ask me is expected for a drone that lasts this long flying. However, getting extra batteries is not a bad idea.

The flight range is also the largest on the list, so these are the numbers that made it rank number 1 on my analysis.

Like I said, you can’t go wrong if you decide to go with this one, and the good news is that it is not the most expensive on the list, so that makes it a great deal if you ask me.

Additional Features

  • Brushless Motors
  • 4K Camera mount included
  • Weak Signal Alarm
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • WiFi Camera

2. Holy Stone F181C

If you’ve read my posts in the past, you know that I’m a big fan of the Holy Stone brand. And there is a reason to it, all of its devices are super high quality and give nothing more than an amazing flight experience to its loyal users.

This is the case of the Holy Stone F181C drone, one of the most famous drones of all times. If you ask me, I prefer the Holy Stone F181W, which is exactly the same drone in terms of functionality, and the only difference is in the camera, the W is for WiFi, which means that the F181W can stream live video to a mobile device, while the C version can only capture footage and images and store them in an SD card.

I so like this drone that recently I dedicated a full page of my site to these drones. You can read my full review of the Holy Stone F181 Drone series here.

But let’s focus on the numbers of this drone and see why it ranked number 2 on the list.

Customer reviews profile is very solid as well, since more than 3000 users are saying positive comments about this drone. This alone has to say something (that it is a great seller), and that is not all, but the overall rating is of 4.3 at the moment of this writing, so that confirms my thoughts about this being a great drone.

Looking at the camera, it is a 720p which like I already mentioned will allow you to store footage and images in an SD card for later view or processing.

Flight and charge times are 10 and 90 minutes respectively. While the charge time is still a bit long, it is still under what can be considered reasonable. I think this comes with a bonus battery, so be sure to check before ordering extra batteries.

Last but not least, the flight range is 100 meters, still very decent for a drone under 100 dollars.

Additional Features

  • Altitude Hold
  • Headless Mode
  • One Key Return Home
  • 360° 4-way flips
  • 4 Speed control mode

3. Holy Stone HS200

Holy Stone is all over this list, and here is another drone from them. The HS200.

Starting with the customer reviews profile, more than 1k users have rated this drone with 4.4 stars, so this is what I can call a very solid and trustworthy profile.

About the camera, it is HD and FPV, which means it is also WiFi. Thus, you’ll be able to live stream video from the perspective of the drone while flying. Pretty exciting if you ask me.

The flight time is 7 minutes, which is the most common flight time for a drone in this price range, however, this should not discourage you from getting this drone, as you’ll soon learn that 7 minutes can be a very long time, especially when you are a beginner.

The charge time is 60 minutes, and again, this is one of the most common charge times for drones like these. Extra batteries for this drone are extremely affordable, so don’t hesitate to get some if you think you should.

Something that may not be very amazing on this drone is flight range, which is only 50 meters. Still enough to help you hone your piloting skills, but I’m sure you’ll want more as soon as you get the feel of flying a drone.

Additional Features

  • WiFi Camera
  • Altitude Hold
  • Gravity Sensor
  • Headless Mode
  • One Key Return
  • One Key Takeoff/Landing
  • 3D Flips and Rolls

4. Holy Stone HS200D

Another Holy Stone device here. This the turn of the HS200D, and it is an upgraded version of the previous drone we just reviewed. Interesting that it comes one spot below its predecessor. Let’s see why.

In terms of customer reviews profile, a little more than 400 people submitted positive comments for this drone, and the overall rating is 4.7. Since my ranking takes into consideration these two numbers, the fact that less people are reviewing this drone is a sure hit to its overall rank. However, it is still a solid profile.

As for the camera, it continues to be HD and FPV, but the upgrade of this drone includes a wide-angle camera, so that means that you should be able to cover more ground while you fly.

Flight time is also upgraded, as this drone will give you 10 minutes in the air. On the other hand, with this increase you’ll have to wait more for charging the battery, which in this case is 90 minutes. This definitely hit the rating of the drone, but it was compensated a bit with the increased flight time.

As for the flight range, this drone doubles the distance you can travel and that is great news for the pilot. The price is practically the same, so I think the only thing you’d have to weigh is the customer reviews profile, which is the reason why this drone got the spot number 4 on the list.

Additional Features

  • WiFi Camera
  • Altitude Hold
  • Gravity Sensor
  • Headless Mode
  • One Key Return
  • One Key Takeoff/Landing
  • 3D Flips and Rolls

5. Holy Stone HS160

This is the time of another Holy Stone drone. The HS160 has not the typical shape of a drone, still it works with the fundamentals of a quadcopter, but the shape it has makes it a very portable drone since it also is a foldable one.

Starting with the customer reviews profile, more than 1K people have made an opinion about this fantastic drone, and its average rating is of 4.1 stars, which is not bad for a foldable drone.

The camera is fixed inside the drone and it is an HD one, so you’ll be able to capture footage and images with decent quality.

In terms of flight time, you’ll get 7 minutes in the air with a fully operational device, and will need 70 more to fully charge the battery.

At the same time, you’ll be able to go as far as 50 meters away from the transmitter before losing the signal. This while may seem a bit limited, is a decent range to start practicing your piloting skills.

Additional Features

  • Altitude Hold
  • Foldable design
  • WiFi Camera
  • VR Headset compatible
  • Gravity Sensor
  • One Key Start/Landing
  • 4 Speed Modes
  • App Controlled


The DBPOWER X400W is another very famous drone among the hobby enthusiasts, and I say this because over 1.8k people said something about this gadget. That is not all, but the average rating these folks gave this drone is of 4.2 stars, which is great.

This drone comes with an embedded camera of 720p, and it is also a WiFi one, which means you’ll be able to have an FPV experience. Also, this drone is VR goggles compatible, which is another great experience with a drone like this.

Flight time is of 8 minutes, and 120 more will be required to fully charge the battery. Again, this is still under what I call “typical” for drones in this price range.

Flight range is 100 meters which in my opinion is a very respectable distance to learn the basics and the not so basics of flying a drone.

Additional Features

  • Headless Mode
  • Compatible VR Headset
  • WiFi Camera
  • 3D Flips and Rolls
  • 2 speed modes
  • One Key Return Home

7. DROCON Ninja

Continuing with foldable design drones, the Drocon Ninja is one of a kind here. Starting with its customer reviews profile, this one has over 300 people commenting about it, and those people have said that in average, this drone deserves a 4.4 star rating. Pretty solid if you ask me.

About the camera it is an HD one with 90 degrees rotating angle. This camera is also WiFi and it will allow you to capture and live stream decent quality footage.

The flight time is 5 minutes and you’ll have to wait 60 more to fully charge the battery. This means that you’ll have to wait a bit more than 10 minutes for every 1 you fly.

Before losing the transmitter signal, you’ll be allowed to go as far as 80 meter, which in my opinion is a pretty decent distance to bring your piloting skills up to a good level.

Additional Features

  • WiFi Camera
  • Altitude Hold
  • One Key Takeoff/Landing
  • 3D Flips
  • Foldable design
  • 3 speed modes
  • Headless Mode
  • Gravity Sensor
  • App Controlled

8. Spacekey Drone for Kids

The Spacekey drone for kids is another amazing gadget on the list. Its design is very much like the Drocon Ninja, so don’t be surprised if these drones look very much the same.

As for the customer reviews profile, we have a device here with a 4.2 star rating, given by a little more than 100 people. While this may seem as little, it is a very solid profile for the standards, so if this one looks like a good choice for you, definitely give it a try.

The camera is an HD one with WiFi connectivity, which will allow you to capture and live stream 720p images and video.

You can expect to enjoy 7 minutes of flight time before having to wait 60 more minutes to fully recharge the battery. And while this may seem like a lot of charge, time, it is one of the best features of this drone since you have to wait less that 10 minutes for every 1 that you fly.

Additional Features

  • WiFi Camera
  • Altitude Hold
  • One Key Takeoff/Landing
  • Foldable arms
  • 3 speed modes
  • Headless mode
  • Low battery alarm
  • App Controlled
  • 3D Flips


Eachine is another brand releasing some amazing drones into the market, in this case, the E58 is one of those devices that you have to consider when looking for some of the best affordable drones, as its foldable design resembles that of the DJI Mavic. Let’s take a look at its numbers.

Starting with its customer reviews profile, a bit more than 200 people decided to give this drone a 4.1 star rating, which again is pretty good considering the tough competition these drones face.

The camera is a 720p WiFi one that will give you decent quality footage either captured or live-streamed. This is important for a drone in this price category.

7 minutes of flight time are offered by this gadget, and 70 more will be required to fully recharge the battery of the drone.

In terms of flight range, 80 meters are decent enough for you to explore the surroundings while honing your piloting skills.

Additional Features

  • WiFi Camera
  • Foldable design
  • Altitude hold
  • One Key Takeoff/Landing
  • 3D Flips
  • App controlled

10. DBPOWER Discovery

This is another well-known drone that is famous among beginner pilots and enthusiasts of the hobby. In this case, we are talking about a gadget with 4.5 stars given by a bit more than 250 customer reviews. If you ask me, this still is a pretty solid reviews profile.

In terms of the camera, this is an HD one, with WiFi capability and able to record captured footage and images into an SD card.

The battery will give you approximately 6 minutes of flight time and will require 45 more to fully recharge.

30 meters are the allowed distance you can go from the transmitter before losing control of the drone, so keep this in mind while flying as this is a very short distance.

Additional Features

  • WiFi Camera
  • Altitude Hold mode
  • One Key Takeoff/Landing
  • Emergency Stop
  • 3D Flips
  • Gravity Sensor
  • Headless mode
  • 2 Speed modes

11. Syma X5UW Drone

I’ve already said many times on this site that Syma is one of my favorite brands, and the reason for that is because I started flying RC helicopters with the famous S107G RC helicopter. After I flew for the first time with it, I knew that Syma was here to stay.

In the case of the best drones under 100, one or two Syma devices had to appear, and this is the turn of the Syma X5UW. This drone has a very solid customer reviews profile, since a little more than 200 people decided to give this drone a 4.3 star rating.

Also, this drone comes with a 720p HD camera, which by the way is also a WiFi one.

The flight time of this drone is 7 minutes and the corresponding charging time for the battery is of another 130 minutes as well. A bit more that what I’d expect, but these are the bottom 5 spots of this lists.

Last but not least the flight range. You’ll be able to take your drone as far as 50 meters away from you, which is a bit limited but with a drone like this (very lightweight) you don’t want to go that far, as wind could take it away very easily.

Additional Features

  • WiFi Camera
  • Altitude Hold
  • Headless Mode
  • Gravity Sensor
  • One Key Start/Landing
  • App Controlled
  • Flight Plan
  • 3D Flips

12. DBPOWER Predator U842

The DBPOWER brand is one that has gained loyal followers due to the great drones they manufacture. In this case, the U842 is supported in Amazon by over 400 people. These folks have rated this drone with a 4.1 average star rating.

In terms of the camera, this drone comes with a 720p and WiFi one, which will allow you to live stream video right to your smartphone.

As for the flight experience, 6 and 150 minutes are the flight and charging times, making this a drone that will operate 1 minute in the air for every 25 charging. I have to say that this is not what I’d like to publish on a list of top drones of something, however, DBPower is making it for us by adding an extra battery to the package.

Flight distance is 30 meters, so again a bit limited in terms of reach, but remember what I said about short distances, these are good for beginners, so this drone may still be a good choice.

Additional Features

  • WiFi Camera
  • Headless Mode
  • App Controlled

13. Syma X8C Venture

Another Syma device that made it to the list was the X8C Venture drone. This one as well is a very well famed drone, since a bit more than 100 people rated this drone with 4 stars overall. Besides, all the features on this one are pretty similar to the ones of the Syma X5SW, which is a drone that I own and have tested many times.

The camera is 720p, and not a WiFi one, which means you’ll be able to capture and store footage and images to review them later when you land the drone. Also, this drone supports a shock absorber which is compatible with some action cameras, so that is a way in which this drone can improve.

Flight time is 10 minutes and charging will take another 100, so it may be a good idea to buy extra batteries with this one.

The distance you can go with this drone is 50 meters, which is a bit limited, yet for the purposes of a beginner this is OK.

Additional Features

  • 3D Flips
  • Shock Absorber compatible

14. AKASO A200 Drone

This is another foldable drone with a very solid customer reviews profile. It is portable and it really invites you to really fly and seems like people simply love it. In fact, almost 200 people have said something about this drone and the overall rating is of 4.1 stars. That still qualifies in what I call a solid profile.

This drone has a 720p camera which also is a WiFi one. Again, you’ll be able to live stream HD footage directly from the drone to your smartphone.

Flying  and charging times are 8 and 90 minutes respectively. This ratio is very decent, to be the 14th spot on the list. Besides, with the batteries for this device being very cheap, I don’t think you have any problem in having hours of fun with it.

The flight range is of 50 meters, a bit short compared with some of the drones we’ve seen here, yet still useful for someone wanting to learn to fly a drone.

Additional Features

  • WiFi Camera
  • Foldable Design
  • Altitude Hold
  • 3D Flips
  • One Key Return
  • Headless Mode

15. DROCON U31W Navigator

The U31W Drocon Navigator drone is also backed by a very solid customer reviews profile. A little over 200 people bouch for this device, and have given in average a 4.4 star rating. Not bad for being the last drone on this list.

If camera is important to you, then you’ll be glad to know that this one comes with an HD embedded and WiFi one, ready to capture and live stream video and high quality footage. I have to warn you because even when this is a great camera, you should not expect to be able to do professional-grade aerial photography, instead, this is more a trainer drone.

Speaking a bit about the numbers in terms of times, the operational period is of 7 minutes, and in order to get this drone up and running for the same period of time, you’ll have to wait another 75 while the battery is fully recharged.

Flight range is a bit short for this drone, since the signal will only be present within 30 meters. Once you go over this distance, the drone control is not guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Additional Features

  • WiFi Camera
  • Altitude Hold
  • One Key Takeoff/Landing
  • Headless Mode
  • VR Headset compatible
  • App controlled

Can you trust this is a true ranking? – Yes you can!

Here is how I came up with this list of the top 15 best drones under 100 dollars.

  1. I paid a visit to Amazon and looked for all their drones catalog.Drones on Amazon
  2. The first filter I applied was star rating. I only wanted to see those with 4+ stars.4+Stars Flitering
  3. Pricing was also a factor, since we are looking for the best drones under 100 dollars.Best Drones under 100 filtering
  4. I did a selection of many drones based on those two things, and ended up with a list of 29 potential candidates.Best Drones under 100 raw list
  5. The hard work starts here, as I have to understand each one of the details I previously mentioned (customer reviews profile, camera, flight and charge time, flight range, and price) of each one of these drones. I like to put together a spreadsheet with all this information.Best Drones under 100 List with Details
  6. Once this data is gathered, I rate each feature of the drones in a 1 to 5 points scale.
  7. With these ratings, I average all the factors and voila!!! I have an editor overall rating, which then is sorted from high to low, to give place to a real ranking.Best Drones under 100 list ranked and sorted
  8. Right now I haven’t seen any other ranking like this online. It is true that retailers provide lots of information, but it is not processed in a logical way so that we, the consumers, can make an educated purchase.

Now I turn it onto you! – Choose your best drone under 100 dollars

As always I say, it was very fun to put this list together, and learn more from drones in the market and their features while doing it.

You now have an important decision to make. I’ve presented here with 15 great options for drones under 100 dollars, but it is up to you to make that final decision.

Holy Stone HS200I want to say that whatever choice you make, if you decide to go with one of these, you’ll be making the right call. Another important thing to consider is that the best drone we saw on this list, is not the most expensive, so that should definitely tell you something about this ranking.

The numbers and the data spoke and the outcome is clear, everything else will just be based on how you feel about each drone.

Either way, I still recommend you to read through the reviews of that drone you select, as this will play an important role in your flight experience.

I’ll leave you know, but not without saying that should you have any questions or comments, I’ll leave a section for you to make your voice loud and clear. Last but not least, it would mean a lot to me if you’d push the social buttons on this page and share this content with others.

Happy Flying!

Till the next one!

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