Choosing the Best RC Helicopter and the Right one too

Select the Best RC Helicopter for you

Flying an RC helicopter may look easy but anyone who has tried can tell you that it is in fact quite difficult. The reason why is that so many factors affect the spinning of the helicopter blades and the motion of the helicopter itself, such as wind speed, direction and unexpected gusts. As a result, controlling the helicopter is hard and accomplishing the flight movement and direction you desire is even harder. Finding the best RC helicopter is one of the most important factors in owning a RC helicopter in order to have the kind of flight experience you are seeking.

The Colossus Gyro Metal 3.5 CH RC helicopter is one of the best RC helicopters for beginners and is one of the most impressive cheap remote control helicopters. Whether you are seeking a beginner RC helicopter or the best remote control helicopter, the Colossus Gyro Metal 3.5CH RC helicopter is the answer.

Features and Specifications

The Colossus Gyro Metal 3.5 CH RC helicopter is four feet long, six inches wide, about 14 inches high and the diameter of the main rotor is about two feet long.

The Colossus Gyro helicopter requires an 11-volt rechargeable battery, which comes included with the helicopter, as well as eight AA batteries for the remote control, which are not included.

One of the reasons that the Colossus Gyro RC helicopter is the best RC helicopter is the fact that the body is made out of metal and it is one of the biggest RC gyro helicopters, which means that the helicopter is more durable and less vulnerable to flight elements as other RC helicopters.

The helicopter has a coaxial rotor, LED lights, and comes with a 12-volt wall charger, as well as four spare main rotor blades.


Beginners will quickly find that most RC helicopters crash easily and often, which means that the replacement or repair costs of the helicopter add up quickly. However, since the Colossus Gyro RC helicopter comes with four spare rotor blades and is made out of durable metal, there is no better choice for an RC helicopter for a beginner.

In addition, while many RC helicopters cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars, the Colossus Gyro RC helicopter sells for a retail price of approximately $150.00, which makes it one of the cheapest RC helicopters available.


The sheer number of RC helicopters available on the market may be intimidating for some potential buyers who do not know which one is the best RC helicopter. However, customers, most of whom rate the helicopter four out of five stars, love the Colossus Gyro 3.5CH RTF RC helicopter.

Customers note that the Colossus Gyro is a “…beautiful helicopter” and that buying the helicopter was “…one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Some more experienced users have additional tips for other pilots, such as using a larger real horizontal propeller, adding a small lead weight under the battery pack for better forward movement and even adding a tail motor for better speed and flight time.

Finding the Right RC Helicopter

Along with a good price, durable construction and favorable customer reviews, an important aspect of finding the right RC helicopter is to purchase through a well-known, reputable company.

HobbyTron sells a wide variety of RC vehicles and airplanes, such as boats, cars, tanks, airplanes, helicopters and more. In addition, the company sells airsoft pistols, guns and sniper rifles. Other categories include magic tricks, electronics kits, science and robot kits and a variety of other educational and fun items.

Find more information about HobbyTron, including frequently asked questions and customer service assistance online. For more information, call HobbyTron at 818-675-9002 or submit a question online.

There are many RC helicopters available, but only one RC helicopter is the cheapest RC helicopter as well as being the best RC helicopter for beginners. Purchasing the Colossus Gyro RC helicopter means that you will get a sturdy, attractive RC helicopter that will allow many years of enjoyable RC helicopter flights.

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