My Personal RC Helicopter Review of The Colossus Metal 3.5 CH Gyro

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Jose Lozano

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On May 9, 2012
Last modified:July 24, 2014


I found the Colossus to be the World’s Largest RC helicopter, it is a great starting point for the beginner. This 47 inches helicopter is a 3.5 Ch device designed with a strong metal body, it comes ready to fly (RTF), and it is intended for outdoors use. The Colossus has LED lights for night play and four spare main rotor blades are included for free. People say they love this helicopter and the overall rating is of five stars.

Colossus RC Helicopter

Colossus RC Helicopter

As a newcomer to the world of RC helicopters it is always important for me to get trusted information about these gadgets, but also, I want to find the best RC helicopter reviews with actionable data that helps me to make my mind about a certain RC helicopter. I am a big fan of finding the good, the bad, and the ugly about any product and shout it from the roof tops, every customer deserves to know the truth about what they are looking for, and ultimately being able to make an informed purchase. These personal best beginners’ RC helicopter reviews will hopefully achieve that.

There is much visible information that tells a lot about these toys, the problem is that someone like me doesn’t know exactly what this data means, why is it good or why is it bad, which are the benefits or downsides of having a specific feature. Not too long ago I was wondering which heli could be a good choice for a newbie like me, I spent a lot of time researching, going to hobby shops, talking with other people about this, and in many occasions I was led to the Colossus Gyro RC Helicopter, and what I want to do here is to present you my findings about this toy.

What is important to know about an RC helicopter

After digging a lot and asking many questions, I found that there are some things that anyone as a newbie wants to know about an RC helicopter, this information is easy to know when buying one, but as I said early, not many of us are aware of where to look in order to find what is the best helicopter for us. Here you can find a few important aspects that you should look for when buying an RC helicopter, especially if you are a newbie, you want to get familiar with these terms.

  • Expertise level
  • Indoors or Outdoors
  • Ready to fly (RTF) or Almost ready to fly (ARF)
  • Spare parts Availability
  • Battery and Charger

Knowing a little bit about these factors related to the RC helicopter that you are looking for will help to make the best decision, especially if you are planning to spend some time using this toy, so bear with me here since I will present you the results of my extensive research about the Colossus RC helicopter in a practical and friendly way.

What expertise level is the helicopter for?

Colossus RC Helicopter

Colossus RC Helicopter

For most newcomers, the first question in our minds is which helicopter is the right one for me? There are so many choices the select from that it is not hard to get lost. Fortunately, you can determine which kind of RC heli is the best for you just by looking a few things; the main purpose is to find an RC aircraft stable and easy to control. RC helicopters with three channels or less are best for novice level; the more channels the more variables to control, so if you want to start with the right foot, a 3 or 3.5 channels RC heli may be the best for you. That covers the easy to control part, but what about stability?

When the main rotor of an RC helicopter starts to spin, the helicopter tends to spin the other way, this is known as torque reaction, this can’t be seen when the RC heli is on the floor because the ground prevents the ship to spin, but once it is in the air there is nothing controlling the torque reaction, so the helicopter will tend to spin the other way around the main rotor blades. Here is when a feature called Gyro system is very useful. A gyro helicopter has a small built-in device that helps you to control stability by itself; this gyro device will sense the torque reaction and correct it, thus, the only part spinning will be the main rotor blades. A coaxial rotor RC aircraft is also a fun, perfect way to go; these are the helicopters that instead of having one main rotor blade have two main rotor blades, what they do is to eliminate the torque reaction created by the first main rotor blade, adding a second main rotor blade spinning in the opposite direction, thus, the angular momentum is eliminated and the helicopter is stable as well. The other part that adds more stability to RC helicopters is the tail rotors, which are built to move the helicopter in the same direction of the main rotor blades; this will prevent the helicopter spinning the other way.

The Colossus RC helicopter is a 3.5 channel device that fulfills many of the basic needs of any newcomer, being a 3.5 channel device it can go up/down, forward/backward, and left/right; it is a great choice for anyone looking just to have some fun without spending that much. Also, the Colossus is a gyro helicopter with both coaxial and tail rotors; this device combines all these features to ensure stability, control, and easiness to use.

Is it for Indoors or Outdoors?

Colossus RC Helicopter

Colossus RC Helicopter

This is very important and yet many people forget to find out more about this when reading RC helicopter reviews. You want to determine what kind of helicopter you are looking for, because if you plan to use it outside in your patio, a big size, resistant RC aircraft like the Colossus would be a great choice, whereas if the purpose is to use it inside your bedroom, you may want to take a look to smaller models.

The Colossus RC helicopter is 47 inches long, it is in fact the World’s largest RC helicopter (yet great for beginners), and it has a metal body making it strong yet light weight so you don’t have to worry about breaking anything when landing it a bit too rough on the ground. If you want something smaller and for indoors use keep reading, because at the end of this article I will present you with other models that may fulfill that need, and are a great choice for any newcomer as well.

Does it require any assembly at all?

It is common to find models of two types, which are ready to fly (RTF) and almost ready to fly (ARF). There is no difference in functionality between them, both models are designed to be and to look the same, the main difference resides in the fact that the first ones are ready to fly out of the box, while the second ones require a little assembly from you. RTF models are more suitable for those pilots without notion about RC aerodynamics, thus you can get familiar very easy and start flying the toy as soon as it is fully charged. The ARF models are also a lot of fun and perfect for those pilots who also enjoy assembling their aircraft this requires being familiar with the materials as well as the aerodynamics of the toys, otherwise the RC helicopter could get damaged and perform poorly during flight. It is very important to look for these details when reading RC helicopter reviews.

The Colossus Gyro RC helicopter is fully assembled from the factory; it just requires charging the battery and once that is done it is ready to fly. This RC heli can be a great guide to learn how helicopters are assembled so the next time you can build your own.

What about the spare parts?

Colossus Spare Parts

Colossus Spare Parts

Something that is critical to look for is the spare parts availability, especially those ones that are more prone to get damaged; which are those components that hit the ground more often, these are the main rotor blades, stabilizer bar (if required), rear rotor blades, and landing skid. Some of these parts can get damaged not only for rough landings, but also because of normal wear; so it is great to see if there is a kit available from the manufacturer that is ready for you to use in case that it is required. Make sure to find this as well listed when looking for RC helicopter reviews; it can save a lot of pain, trust me on this.

World Tech Toys is the manufacturing company of the Colossus RC helicopter, and they also supply a kit ready to use with those components that could be required in order to easily repair your helicopter; the kit comes with a set of screws and a screwdriver making the task easier to do. Even if you don’t buy the spare parts kit, the colossus includes four spare main rotor blades inside the box for free.

A lot has to do with the battery and charger

Colossus Battery

Colossus Battery

The battery is one of the most critical components of RC helicopters, it is important to have the right battery for your toy or it won’t fly properly, also, it is crucial to know the condition of the battery to make sure that the helicopter won’t stop responding in the middle of the air. In the past NiCad or NiMH batteries were used, but today almost every RC toy is built to use a Li-Po (Lithium Polymer) battery, this is because of several advantages, to name a few, Li-Po batteries are lighter in weight, have more charging capacity, provide more power, are cheaper, and durable. In order to ensure the optimal battery condition, it is required to have a balance charger, which is important because it equalizes the amount of charge in each cell of the multi-cell battery pack. This balance charger will prevent bloating or ignition in the battery; the way they are typically used is very simple, you connect the balance charger to the wall charger and that should be enough.

Inside the box of the Colossus RC helicopter you can find an 11.5 V 1500 mAh rechargeable LI-Po battery, a balance charger, and a 12V wall charger. This battery will provide you a full 10 minutes flight; also, having a rechargeable battery is great because you don’t have to spend more money buying batteries; the balance charger is included, so this will help you to take good care of your Li-Po battery, and again, as a newcomer, make sure to find this when surfing though RC helicopter reviews.

Colossus Gyro RC Helicopter Parts

Colossus Gyro RC Helicopter Parts


How much does it cost?

The Toy Planet 360 website is offering this RC gyro helicopter for 200.00 USD, the reality is that you shouldn’t pay any more than 175 USD for this toy. After looking for various sites and taking into consideration the customer support, the best place to buy it is Amazon, who is consistently selling this item for less than 160 USD.

What is inside the box?

  • Colossus Gyro METAL 3.5 CH RC Helicopter
  • Transmitter
  • 11.1 V 1500 mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Balance Charger
  • 12 V Wall Charger
  • 4 Spare Main Rotor Blades

Customer Advice

  • Use a bigger and heavier battery for longer flight time.
  • Adjust the vertical fin forward one inch and replace the rear horizontal propeller with a bigger propeller to help the helicopter move forward better during flight.
  • Tape 3 AA batteries underneath the battery pack if the helicopter only flies backwards to add the weight necessary for forward flight.
  • Try a two-once lead weight under the battery pack instead of 3 AA batteries for better stabilization.
  • Avoid flying the helicopter in wind until you feel more comfortable with the controls to help avoid possible crashes or damage
  • Replace the tail motor for longer flight time and the ability to fly in wind.
  • Purchase spare parts at
  • Add several more inches of wire to the antennae with a small nut at the end to increase the radio signal range.
  • Add a small weight under the nose if the tail seems to be dragging the helicopter down.
  • Put a small digital camera on the helicopter for a fun view.
  • Increase power by upgrading the coaxial to a brush-less and lipo set-up.
  • Read extensive RC helicopter reviews for more information.

Colossus RC helicopter reviews from customers

One user said that he had been flying RC helicopters for more than 30 years and thought this was a beautiful helicopter. Another one said that buying the Gyro RC helicopter was “…one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Another RC helicopter review said that “… I would recommend for you to get it” and yet another person said twice that the Amazon website “is awesome”.

“Great bird, like all RC helicopters, it needs a way to give it more forward thrust to counter winds for forward motion.”

“It’s a very strong toy, very durable. It would be a great gift for any kid. I would give this toy a 5 star.”

“The Heli was very responsive to the controls”

Potential buyers should watch the YouTube video to see the Gyro helicopter in action and watch how the helicopter moves.

Are there any downsides?

Some beginner users get frustrated with the short flying time (around 10 minutes) but it is important to note that this is true of all RC airplanes and helicopters. You can go to your local hobby store and have them build you a new battery pack or upgrade to a battery pack with more power if you are looking for longer flight times. In addition, remember to charge the battery on a regular basis so you will not find yourself without any power right when you want to go flying.

Other users have complained that the Gyro helicopter mostly flies backwards. This is resolved over time once you get the hang of flying the Gyro RC helicopter, but there are a few things you can do to increase and improve the forward thrust, like add a small weight under the nose or under the battery pack, this will correct the issue according to most current users.

Where can I buy the Colossus RC Helicopter?

This toy can be found on Amazon, they are the ones that offer the most trusted source to buy from. From what I can tell, they offer the best price, best customer support, and will help their customers with any issue of the toy. This is the best way to go, since other people are reporting to have trouble contacting other merchants for customer support.

Click here to see Colossus Gyro RC Helicopter availability at Amazon, this item is a Top Seller and you want to make sure you can get yours, also find more comments from customers that already have their own. Act Now!!!

If you are looking for an RC helicopter for beginners with similar features as the Colossus but smaller in size, you may want to check these. They were also researched and include all that is required for a beginner level.

I found the Colossus to be the World’s Largest RC helicopter, it is a great starting point for the beginner. This 47 inches helicopter is a 3.5 Ch device designed with a strong metal body, it comes ready to fly (RTF), and it is intended for outdoors use. The Colossus has LED lights for night play and four spare main rotor blades are included for free. People say they love this helicopter and the overall rating is of five stars.


  1. jerry says

    I bought this on vacation. If I had purchased locally it would have gone back. It is a big copy of a cheap toy. It has inferior mechanical and electrical characteristics. The blogs tell of the extream measures needed just to keep it airborn. I would sell it on e-bay but that would be unethical. If it hadn’t cost $200 it would be trash. Rather it is displayed to remind me to check rc helicopter reviews before buying.

    • Jose Lozano says

      I’ve heard some bad comments about this helicopter, but the truth is that you can try to fix somethings before trashing it. On this review I share some advice about what you can do to fix some issues. What is the problem specifically with your helicopter?

      • Jeff says

        i recently recieved the Colossus from Hobbytron. i live in Maine the snow is on the ground and it is -17 degrees this morning. so i been practicing very carefully in my small garage. i had to attach some weight to one side to keep the thing from flipping upside down once it left the floor. i got that somewhat taken care of and been experimenting with different weight under the battery to keep it from taking off backwards all by itself. so far with what limited time i have had it in the air the thing seems to fly level but takes off to the right all by itself. i can turn left and right no problem at all. but forward and reverse control seems almost non existant. the tail rotor is working in both directions but seems to have no effect on flight. I am well aware of the 10 minute flight time on the battery but the 3 hour recharge time is not too impressive. please help with any tips. i really like this helo and want to be able to fly it with some control outside once it warms up.

        thank you

        • Jose Lozano says

          Hi Jeff,

          Thank you very much for your comment.
          I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems with your helicopter.

          I would suggest to you keep experimenting with weights and things like that. I agree with this guy Paul when he says that you should not have to change it in order to make it work properly, unfortunately this seems to be the case with this helicopter.

          Take a good look at the section of this review of customer advice, there are some tips that could help you to improve the maneuverability of this toy.

          More technically speaking, the weights will be good in order to maintain the balance of your helicopter and this is why you probably already solved the flipping upside down problem. Now, the forward and backward movements are controlled by the pitch of the blades of the helicopter. Here are some links that could better explain this and

          The pitch of the blade is the angle of inclination of the blades, and changing this angle will change the behavior and the direction of the toy. In this case, the Colossus is fixed pitch, which means that you can’t change the angle. But, notice that the tail rotor spins horizontally and not vertically as on a real helicopter, this means that the helicopter moves horizontally thanks to the activation of the tail rotor, in other words, the tail rotor will spin in one direction to create lift, this will send the nose of the helicopter down and the movement of the main rotor blades will make the helicopter move forward, on the other hand, if the tail rotor blade spins in the opposite direction it will push down the tail of the helicopter, this will push the nose of the heli up and the main rotor blade will move the helicopter backwards.

          If the weight you add to the nose of the helicopter is too much the tail rotor will not be able to lift the nose and that could explain why you can’t move it backwards. This is why I suggest you to keep experimenting with weights, you may find the right one for perfect balance.

          I personally love this about these toys, tweaking them is something that allows me to learn and at the end taste and enjoy more the hobby of RC helicopters and airplanes.

          Let me know how it goes and share your comments here.

    • Leo says

      I have a few RC helis, and I just ordered this one last week from the Kohl’s web site. Is this thing a Big POS, and would you recommend I return it before opening it? I know there are several brands, and mkaes of RC Choppers, but my favorite to fly is the Propel Cloud Quest. This thing moves, and flys like a jewl. I do however recommend that you have experience with a RC Chopper first before flying to learn the techniques of how a RC Chopper flys with Gyro. I started off with this cheap crappy heli that I got whenI bought my Gallaxy III phone from Verizon. (You know the one you fly inside your house using your i phone or Android with a app) I then moved to a bigger chopper I bought from Best Buy.It was Raptor Jet Protocol. I flew it in front of my house. It go t up to 20″ and BAM it took off to about 50 and hauled ass….. NO CONTROL from the remote, well…. Hmmm. Okay.. Lost that one (Never found) Well I moved forwrd to a 3.5 channel cotnrol chopper. Man… This made all the difference in the world.. Played and expermented with it (You know, smacked a few tree lims, ran into the neighbors mail box, and all the things WE ALL have done.. Well I got better at controlling it, and Bought the Propel HEli… I now have 2, because of the battery time, and want to at least have 20 minutes of flying time….but now I wanted something BIGGER, so I looked at this one, and thought, that would be Cool to mount a GoPro on it and shoot some activity from above ground, but these reviews scare me…. I bought it from kohls on line with my wifes 30% coupon, so it was like $134.00. Should be here anyday, so I started reading reviews on Amazon, and then found this review from Jose. (I wish more people would do this) It was interesting to find out he did some research that I actually PAID for by experience… I have a few spare parts for several RC choppers that are now just Models hanging in the garage.. LOL If you recommend I return it, please advise, and I really apprciate it, but if you think it may be due to flyers with little experience, maybe I can make adjustment, but wonder why? They sell this as a ready to fly Heli, and if there is ANY problem with counter weights and such, I would think that the company would have fixed this problem (and Maybe they did) And I want you to know that I am in “No Way” a representative of Propel, nor have any ties with them….. In fact one of the down falls with them is not selling battery packs for this model, but I found a company that makes them for around $8.00. Happy Flying!

      • Jose Lozano says

        Hi Leo,

        Thank you very much for your comment.

        About your question, I’m seeing that lots of people are having problems, but I have at least one testimonial that says that with tweaks in weights this helicopter can fly really well.

        I would recommend you to experiment with it, but only if your are willing to experiment with weights and things like that to make it fly, in my opinion, I found this very entertaining, but if you don’t feel like this is way too cool, then this helicopter may not be for you.

        Also, one of the comments says the tail rotor could be installed backwards, I have an explanation of that in one of the comments here as well.

        Please let us know how you do with your RC helis and add to the conversation here.

        • Leo says

          Well I listened to others reviews, and when I got it, I took it back to Kohls. This damn thing is Hudge. It was Bigger than I thought, and I didn’t take it out of the box. I figured spending that kind of money to have to play with it and crash a few time wouldn’t be worth it, so I bought a ML v911 with the money,and saved the rest. Now that is a fun chopper to fliy. it so small, but flys like a gem outside.. As far as the Colossos, They need to make that a 4 ch single blade bird before I would be willing to fly it and make modification. (4ch RC heli’s have multiple trims on the contoller_ Glad I found your site. Saved me some money, and time. I forgot to read any reviews before we ordered it.

  2. Paul says

    Actually the least expensive price is $99 on
    I own about 20 different RC helicopters. About 10 FP (fixed pitch) and 15 CP (collective pitch). I can tell you that without a doubt this is the worst helicopter I have ever flown. The fact remains that one should never have to modify a helicopter to get it to simply fly! Modify to fly faster, yes. But not to simply fly the darn thing.

    Why did I buy a beginner helicopter if I’m not a beginner? I wanted to try and film with a mini-camcorder and thought it may have the power needed, and since it was a FP coaxial, I thought it may have enough stability needed to be able to handle the camera. Of course, even without the camera this heli is a sad joke. Simply look at the actual reviews from! This is truly the worst set of reviews I have ever seen on Amazon.

    I don’t believe your review is legitimate, and I didn’t want newbies to be led astray by thinking this “toy” may be something they should consider…

    “People say they love this helicopter and the overall rating is of five stars.”

    Yes, I laughed when I read your review, as it’s the only positive one on the web of this helicopter. Don’t know if you work for the company, or if you’re an owner or what…but making money at the cost of suffering for others is a sin. Shame on you!

    • Jose Lozano says

      Hi Paul,

      Thank you very much for your comment. I really appreciate what you share here. The idea is to share as much information as possible with the readers, and if you can speak from experience and are certain of what you say, your comment is very welcome.

      Yes, my review is legitimate, and yes, I wrote it this way because I found those comments online on Amazon as well.
      I find interesting your comment about laughing when reading my review, :D I never wrote it to be funny, but I’m sure you are a professional pilot and for sure know much more thaN me, which is great I must add, because I created this site to educate others about RC helicopters, and won’t achieve that only by myself, so if you can share part of your knowledge here with others, that is exactly what I want.

      Thank you very much for your comment, please keep visiting us and sharing your insight about my reviews, I promise I will learn from you my friend.
      Jose :D

    • Karin says

      ok – so my boyfriend bought this heli – all the problems everyone else had – he has – is he going to return it – noooooooooo – even after i read everything to him… he is in process of modifying it – – he cut out a piece of plastic windsheild that was used on another rc – in the shape of the tail thingy by the back blade and is designing it to be lighter than the one that is on it… and it begins.. maybe i will get back to you and tell you the other ideas he has – if this all workks.

      • Jose Lozano says

        Hi Karin,

        Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

        I really appreciate it and I’m sure everyone here would love to hear more about the progress of your boyfriend on his helicopter. His idea makes sense to me and this is why I really want you to share that story with us. If you have some videos or anything where he can describe his idea I would love to post them here.

        Let us know :D

  3. Jose Lozano says

    HI there,

    This is the copy of a conversation that I had with Jeff via email. Here, Jeff is sharing what he did to correct a problem that he experienced with his Colossus. I hope you find it useful.

    Keep me posted with the progress. I wire tied two AA batteries to the top of the battery pack and fastened some large finish nails to the skid on one side to get the thing to lift off the ground without flipping over. it will turn left and right no problem but I have almost no forward and reverse control. I have two different size rear rotors and am using the largest one. I am no engineer in aerodynamics but it looks to me the rear rotor turns the wrong way. When the forward control is activated it looks like the direction and the pitch of the rotor blade would push the back of the helicopter down which would make the main rotors pull the helicopter backwards ???????????


    Thank you very much for your message.
    I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with your helicopter. This seems to be a recurring problem for some people. However, there are some great additional comments about tweaks that people are doing to it in order to make it fly.

    I’ll send a message to the manufacturers saying that I have a bunch of people asking questions about their helicopters and see if they can help us with more tips.

    I’ll tell you if I know anything.
    All the best :D
    Jeff – You may want to pay attention here :D

    OK, thanks. happy holidays. I have flown mine last night with pretty good control. as I described earlier about the weights that made the helo fly pretty level. as far as the forward and reverse flight it was just as I thought the tail rotor was turning the opposite direction. my tail rotor is installed like all the pictures I have seen so I assume it is wired backwards. instead of re wiring I just remove the tail rotor/motor assy. and turned it 180 degrees in the tail tube now I have some forward and reverse control.
    battery life is about 10 minutes and re charge time is 3 hours. need lots of batteries to spend any amount of flying time at once. I have two batteries right and will get more if the helo proves to be ok.

  4. Jay says

    I got the COLOSSUS Helicopter yesterday and tried to fly it today. The toy required the tail boom to be connected and some wire connections to be made. My major problem not covered in this site is the relationship of the main rotors to each other. They slip easily changing the relationship and they are so loose they strike each other during initial start up. My tail rotor did not rotate at all. I had the problems of it tipping over etc., as noted in other entries on this site, so I’ll work with some weights to try and get that fixed. Any comments on the relationship of the main rotors to each other would be helpful.


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