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If you are thinking about purchasing an RC helicopter and still don’t know who to do it you have come to the right place

What to look for in an RC Helicopter?

Follow Me on Pinterest One of the things that I can pride myself is about the honesty of my buddies; I was talking the other day with Omar, who is one of my closest friends, he gave me great feedback about this site. He said to me: “I want one of these toys, I know nothing about them, but I want to learn, the problem is that I can’t find where to start, -you have great information- he said, the best RC helicopter reviews, how to guides, interesting blog posts, and everything, but I don’t know where or how to start”. His comment was like an eye-opener to me, because I was not aware that many people like him would be looking the exact same thing, How to start? Where to buy an RC Helicopter? Which is the best one for me?

That is why I decided to open this new section on the site, where I hope to be able to help more people to find the quick and practical answers to the main questions that they could have. The main purpose of RC Hobbies on Air is to challenge what merchants are saying about their own products, and reveal to hobbyists the most honest information based primarily on the experience of real and current customers; that way you can learn about the product taking advantage of the extensive research that we do through various internet sites. The commitment is to bring you the best remote control helicopter reviews, that way you can count with the fact that if a product is reviewed on this website, is because it is good.

How to select an RC Helicopter?

I have noticed that most people love these toys; RC helicopters tend to attract the attention of others simply because they fly, I still can’t find a person who just walks on its way without looking these toys when they are in the air, it is too difficult, because we as humans respond naturally when we see something flying; it catches our attention right away. And even when I think that almost everyone would like to have an RC toy like these, the truth is that most people don’t know how to choose one for their own; then they simply buy whatever toy is available, and in some cases that is not the best choice, because a few things should be considered before buying the chopper, and it is pretty much common sense, but the problem is that not all the information is visible to us in order to make those simple decisions.

So here I would like to present you the most important factors that should be taken into consideration when buying a toy, all these you will find them very easy to learn and identify, and once that you understand them it will be a piece of cake to choose the one that is right for you. Notice also that this guide will be focused only on the electric RC helicopters since these are the very best option for most people.

The Channels

The number of channels can tell you a lot about the toy; typically manufacturers use each channel to control one movement of the helicopter, so one channel could be used to go up and down, another could be to go left and right, and so on. The number of channels tells you how much control you have over the RC helicopter, so the more channels the more features you will control. The problem though is that the more channels, the more experience the pilot has to have; thus it is important to take this into consideration when buying a toy.

  • For the beginner: Less than 3 channel helicopters are best for people who just want to have some fun, these RC helicopters are more a toy than a hobby-grade RC helicopter, they can be very affordable and easy to use, of course that some practice is required, but mastering these devices is usually a lot of fun.  With 3 channels you are able to control up/down (ch1), left/right (ch2), and forward/backward (ch3). There are some RC helicopters that are advertised with 3.5 channels, which now that you know what channels are for, you could be wondering what a half channel could do, but the answer is very simple, they just provide an ON/OFF signal for something like LED lights. A toy that fits perfect here is the Colossus Gyro RC helicopter; it is a big size, 3.5 channel toy that is great for those who want to get into this hobby with a reliable and strong toy to use.
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I found the Colossus to be the World’s Largest RC helicopter, it is a great starting point for the beginner. This 47 inches helicopter is a 3.5 Ch device designed with a strong metal body, it comes ready to fly (RTF), and it is intended for outdoors use. The Colossus has LED lights for night play and four spare main rotor blades are included for free. People say they love this helicopter and the overall rating is of five stars.


  • For the intermediate: Helicopters with 4 channels are good for people who already mastered the beginner’s level. These kinds of helicopters allow the user to have more control over the device, and even when this is more challenging; it also is a lot more fun. Typically with 4 channels you are able to control up/down (ch-1), right/left (ch-2), forward/backward (ch-3), and right/left tilt (ch4). These helicopters are far more complex to master, and require the pilot to be on top of more variables to have control over the whole aircraft. A great option for this level is the MJX F645 F45 4ch large single blade RC helicopter.
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Summary:                                                                        ★

My research for the intermediate level led me to the MJX F45 RC helicopter, this 4 Ch device comes with an LCD transmitter, it is 27.5 inches long. It is built on a strong metal body to be resistant to crashes and a camera functionality can be enabled using this heli (the camera is sold separately), this advanced helicopter comes with a MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) gyro to ensure the flying stability. 


  • For the Expert: In this category can be placed all those helicopters with 5 or more channels, these devices are considered more as hobby-grade RC helicopters than toys. A 5 or 6 channel RC helicopter requires an advanced level of expertise as a pilot to control all the features of the device; with these machines you can control the same features than with the last ones, but these helicopters as well require from you to control stability by moving different parts installed on the helicopter. Mastering these devices requires a lot of practice, patience, dedication, and willing to have fun. Expert pilots or people with enough experience with these devices can find the Align T-REX 450 Pro 3GX Super Combo.
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For those of you who are expert pilots, I found the Align T-REX 450 Pro 3GX Super Combo RC helicopter, I have to say that Align is a company that manufactures high performance helicopters, this one here incorporates the new generation 3GX flybarless system, it provides some of the most amazing controlled agility possible. This 25 inches heli possesses incredible stability that rivals a flybarred helicopter. Pirouetting flips type of maneuvers are easily accomplished with precision. The explosive agility that this RC helicopter posses makes it one of the best hobby grade helicopters for experts.     

In summary this is it:

  1. Less than 3 channel RC helicopters are for beginners.
  2. 4 channel helicopters are perfect for intermediate level.
  3. 5+ channel helicopters are for experts and experienced guys.

Of course that there are other aspects to look for about an RC helicopter, it is important to see if you like it, the price fits your budget, spare parts are available, it is for indoors or outdoors use, and so on; it all depends on what your purpose with the helicopter is, and you will find that there are RC helicopters for everyone.

Where can I find these models?

Based on an extensive research with merchants, customers, reviews, how to guides, and more; RC hobbies on Air presented you with a list of the best RC helicopters for each category, this list has been compiled considering many factors as the expertise level required, quality of the product, the price of course, real customer reviews, customer support, and popularity of the RC gadget. The best option in terms of cost/benefit was found with Amazon, since they are a very reliable source of merchandise, and just in case that you don’t receive what you want, Amazon’s priority is to have happy and loyal customers.

Go now and check the amazing deals that Amazon has to offer you, these items are in hot demand and you want to make sure to grab your own. Don’t forget to see the items that other customers bought together with these ones as well.