My Best RC Helicopter Reviews

My Best RC Helicopter ReviewsRC Helicopters are by far some of the most fascinating and interesting gadgets out there. Make no mistake here, some of these gadgets may appear to be toys for you, but once you start to learn more about them you’ll discover that RC helicopters are much more complex and interesting devices. I’m an engineer, I love everything having to do with gears and electronic parts, and I couldn’t avoid the enchantment of RC helis. I anticipate they’ll have the same effect on you, and if you’ve been thinking in getting one for yourself, I invite you to stay with me and check my best RC helicopter reviews.

I dare you! Accept the challenge and get your 1st RC heli, soon you’ll discover the attracting and addicting power of these fantastic birds. Also, and in order to facilitate things for you, I’ve done all the research and compiled a list with some of the best RC helis you can find online to help you start with the right foot, so make your selection and let the birds fly!

PictureRC HeliLevel In/OutAgeFlight & Charging time (mins)Price
Syma S107G 3.5CH Syma S107G RC Helicopter with Gyro 4.8 Stars Beginner In 14+ 6-7/40-50Under $ 20.00
Syma S109GSyma S109G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro 4.2 StarsBeginnerIn 14+ 6-7/40-50Under $ 20.00
Mini Radio Single Propeller RC Helicopter Gyro V9114CH 2.4GHz RC Helicopter Gyro V911 4.0 StarsIntermediate In/Out 14+ 5/30Under $ 45.00
Hero RC H911 2.4GHZ iRocketHero RC H911 2.4GHZ iRocket 4 Channel 4.3 StarsBeginner In/Out 14+ 5-7/50-60Under $ 50.00
Haktoys 2014 (Upgraded to 2.4GHz) HAK635CHaktoys 2014 (Upgraded to 2.4GHz) HAK635C Video & Photo Camera 3.5 Channel w/ 1GB SD Card3.8 StarsBeginner In/Out 14+ 7-10/120Under $ 100.00
Blade mCX2Blade mCX2 RTF 4.3 StarsBeginner In 14+ 15-17/30-40Under $ 100.00
MJX F645 F45MJX F645 F45 4ch LCD RC Helicopter 4.1 StarsBeginner Out 14+ 7/45-60Under $ 80.00
Blade CX2Blade CX2 RTF Electric Coaxial Micro Helicopter 3.9 StarsBeginner In/Out 13+ 10-15/72-90Under $ 100.00
Blade 120 SRBlade 120 SR RTF 4.0 StarsIntermediate In/Out 14+ 8-10/20-25Under $ 140.00
Eflite Blade mCXBlade mCX RTF 4.3 StarsBeginner In 14+ 8-10/15Under $ 80.00
BLADE Nano CP XBLADE Nano CP X RTF 4.0 StarsExpert In/Out 14+ 4/30Under $ 125.00
Blade mCP X BLBlade mCP X BL BNF 4.6 StarsExpert In/Out 14+ 3-4/50-60Under $ 250.00
Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power EditionParrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition 4.1 StarsBeginner In/Out 14+ 36/120Under $ 350.00
Walkera V450D03Walkera V450D03 6Ch RTF Heli w/ Devo7 4.2 StarsExpert Out 14+ 8-10/40-60Under $ 400.00
Blade 450 XBlade 450 X BNF 5.0 StarsExpert Out 14+ 7-8/30-50Under $ 550.00
Align T-Rex 500E Super Combo KitAlign T-Rex 500E Super Combo Kit 5.0 StarsExpert Out 15+ 8-9/50-60Under $ 500.00
Align T-REX 600E PRO Super ComboAlign T-REX 600E PRO Super Combo 5.0 StarsExpert Out 15+ 5-6/50/60$$$$
DJI Phantom 2 QuadcopterDJI Phantom 2 Ready to Fly Quadcopter With Zenmuse H3-3D Camera Gimbal 4.5 StarsBeginner Out 15+ 25/120Under $ 1200.00

Why do you want to start with RC Helicopters?

Why not? Truth is that the idea of flying has been one of man’s most thrilling fantasies. Even Leonardo Da Vinci dreamed of the idea of flying someday. He even created a drawing prototyping a device capable of getting man to the skies. This idea of flying became a reality in 1903, when the Wright brothers successfully took off from the ground with an ingenious airplane model. Since then, the skies started to be reachable and accessible.

These days movies such as Iron Man are taking our imagination to an even higher level and inviting us to create a high-tech prosthesis that is capable not only of flying but also of going at a supersonic speed. Technology is still a little bit behind to allow us to have this fully functional armor and use it to fly, but man’s inventiveness has already developed high speed vehicles to travel high distances in a very short time. Unfortunately not all of us have the training and the money to afford one of these full-size vehicles, and that is where RC flying devices such as RC helicopters and airplanes can make the difference for you.

Even when this may not be the same as piloting a full-size helicopter, these devices will also give you a full shot of adrenaline when you start to fly them, you can also have access to devices that allow you to have an FPV (First Person View), which is basically the same as being on-board of a full size airship. This is the reason why I never stopped since the 1st time I started flying them, also, this is the reason why I keep creating RC helicopter reviews for all of those who like me are fascinated with these amazing devices.

How to find the best RC helicopter for you?

The Best RC HelicopterThere are many things you want to check before purchasing your remote control helicopter. One of the things I recommend you is to learn what the best RC helicopter is for you here on my site, also, I would definitely look for detailed and comprehensive reviews to get the most information possible about a specific model.

This is why I’m giving you my best RC helicopter reviews here and also including links to them so that you have access to the best RC aviation gadgets in the market. Take this information seriously since you’ll be making an investment based on what you can learn about a specific model. The last thing you want to do is to pay a few hundreds of dollars for the wrong device. However, you can rest assured that I’ll give you all the information you need to know in order to make an informed decision.

My best RC Helicopter Reviews

Here are some of the best gadgets online, I recommend you to dive in.

The Syma S107G RTF

Syma S107G

Syma S107G

This is one of the coolest RC helicopters I’ve ever seen. It is very affordable (less than $50 dollars), and its construction is very solid and robust. This device is perfect for beginners, you’ll have lots of fun with it, and you don’t have to worry about crashing it because this bird has a metal frame and withstands dozens of impacts.

This gadget will amaze you and your friends, and I recommend purchasing it through Amazon since they offer a money back guarantee and an amazing customer service. Most customers are very happy with Syma and their products. Also, you can decide to take advantage of the free shipping and order 2 of these helis, in the end, you’ll enjoy each one separately.

Every day, more and more people are purchasing this bird, the reason is pretty obvious: it’s one of the best RC helicopters available at a great price. That’s not all, many people are using this gadget to start their way into RC helis, and the result is that more and more folks are joining this amazing hobby.

Blade mCX 2 RTF

Blade mCX2

Blade mCX2

Blade is one of those brands that are developing always something new and exciting. The mCX 2 RTF is just one of the many wonders they have. This RC helicopter is designed for the beginner. The parts are flexible and durable at the same time. The construction is very simple as well, but the technology used to achieve the stability and superior control that you have over the helicopter, is a whole new level.

Another of the wonders of this device is that it is an RTF model (Ready To Fly), which means that you can start to use it without doing any assembly, right out of the box. This makes it perfect for the beginner and allows this model to become a favorite among the RC enthusiast that are looking for a high quality bird at a great price.

The Blade mCX 2 RTF as well comes with a 5-in-1 control unit, which combines all the technology required to make this bird fly in a single and easy to reach PCB (Printed Circuit Board). This is one of the big achievements of Blade and it is in great measure one of the reasons why this helicopter is so unique.

Blade CX2 RTF

Blade CX2

Blade CX2

This is another great RC helicopter to use as a beginner. The construction of this device is not only crash-resistant, but also, the design is that of a complete helicopter (I’ve heard people saying that they don’t like RC helis with only a shaft at the end.).

This being a Blade gadget also counts with great technology to give you a superb flight experience, even if you’ve never flown any chopper before, you’ll be able to immediately recognize the easiness to fly this heli.

Blade is constantly designing new flying devices, the idea is to come up with the best and biggest brand of affordable flying gadgets in the entire market. The Blade CX2 RTF is a perfect example of this. The CX2 from Blade counts with the approval and appreciation from an entire market of RC helis aficionados, and the more people try it the more people love it.

Blade 120 SR RTF

Blade 120 SR

Blade 120 SR

One of the things I love about Blade is that they include, in the box, everything you need to have in order to fly your RC helicopter. This is not the exception, because the 120 SR RTF is truly ready to fly as soon as you open the box. This marvelous helicopter resembles a big-size helicopter.

Many of its features, such as the single main rotor blade, are characteristics that you’d usually find in a big-size helicopter, but this sub-micro size and convenient device combines that, with the portability of a small heli. The one thing that surprises me more about it is the amazing stability that it has, especially if you consider that it is not a coaxial heli, however, once you see it flying and experience how stable and easy to fly it is, the Blade 120 SR RTF will truly amaze you.

Even when this heli is very easy to fly and stable, it is more suitable for the intermediate pilot. It has a 4 channel setup that is perfect to test how well your pilot skills were developed with other helicopters. If you’re looking for a heli to take your pilot abilities to the next level, the Blade 120 SR RC helicopter is the perfect choice for you.


Blade mCP X BL

Blade mCP X BL

Here is where things start to get interesting. Most RC helicopter expert pilots don’t fly their helis in the traditional way where you take-off, fly around in circles, and then land the thing on the ground. There is something called 3D flying, and it is a very interesting thing to watch and do.

3D flying requires practice and dedication, and it refers to making your heli fly upside down like crazy in all possible directions. This flying mode can lead to many crashes while you learn, so this is why it is advised to always practice in an open area (preferably outdoors) and at a safe distance from you and other people, or better, using a high quality and realistic RC flight simulator to help you master 3D flight without hurting anyone, including your gadget.

Most 3D pilots use very sexy and fancy gadgets such as the Align TREX 500E or 600E, but the Blade mCPX BL BNF is a lower price gadget that offers great features for those looking to start with a great 3D RC helicopter.

This specific model counts with a piece of technology called AS3X, which is basically another huge improvement from Blade to increase stability. Many people are impressed with the precision and flexibility you get from this device, especially for 3D flights. Also, you want to consider this model more for the expert or for those wanting to develop expert pilot skills.

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Power Edition

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition

Speaking about fancy gadgets, this is one that you probably know or have seen before. The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is famous because it simplified the world of quadcopters allowing you to fly right from your Android or iOS mobile device.

This good looking piece of technology is very good for the unexperienced pilot, however, it is far from being just a toy. It allows you to record and share video or images in HD. Also, take advantage of the autopilot feature that allows you to have absolute control over the ship for easy take-off and landing.

This piloting mode can be adjusted for beginners as your expertise grows. The Power Edition gives you 2 HD batteries that are more powerful than the normal edition ones. It also comes with amazing colored blades to get your flight style to the next level.

Truth is that the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 was a very good gadget when it came into the market, however, it had some opportunities there that people were asking Parrot to take care of. The Power Edition is the answer to all those voices claiming for a better design of this amazing gadget.

Blade 450 X BNF

Blade 450 X

Blade 450 X

This is another great 3D flying helicopter for those of you who’re looking for something more heavy and big-sized. The Blade 450 X BNF is a marvel of engineering and design. This actually happens to be an upgrade of the Blade 450 3D.

People from Blade went ahead and made more extreme this magnificent device and came up with the Blade 450 X. This amazing helicopter has been very well accepted among RC helis enthusiasts.

One of the big changes they made from the previous version is the elimination of the flybar, which essentially helps to stabilize the helicopter. Instead of that, stabilization has been improved through a BeastX® technology receiver.

This helicopter is ready to go crazy as soon as you pair it with a 6 channel transmitter. The BNF version does not include it. Of course, everything else you need to fly this heli is included inside the box, which is another reason why people love to buy from Blade.

Align T-Rex 500E Super Combo Kit

Align T-Rex 500E Super Combo Kit

Align T-Rex 500E Super Combo Kit

As you move forward with your flight skills, you will want not only to fly a faster and more complex device, but also, you’ll want to actually build it. This is where Align gets in and takes the fun to a whole new level.

Align is one of the most recognized brands in the RC helicopters arena. They create fantastic designs and most advanced pilots use them a lot. The reason is very simple. They have some of the best RC helicopters for those willing to pay top dollar for them. And if you’re one of those guys who are willing to pay in order to get the best out of the best, Align is your brand. In this case, they offer one of the best kits you can find online.

The Align T-Rex 500E Super Combo kit comes with all the necessary parts for you to assemble a magnificent 3D helicopter. The fun is not just for flying the heli, but also for assembling it. All The instructions to build it come in the form of a handy booklet inside the box of your 500E Super Combo Kit.

Align is the brand of most RC heli pilot experts, the reason is very simple, they offer some of the most resistant and light-weight construction materials that money can buy, also, the quality of these birds is very superior compared to other brands.

DJI Phantom 2 Ready to Fly Quadcopter with Zenmuse H3-3D Camera Gimbal

DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter

DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter

This is a little bit different type of flying gadget. It is a quadcopter and is designed to take aerial photography and videos using an HD camera. Everything on this device is perfectly designed and created with the sole purpose of delivering an awesome experience to the pilot, but you should make no mistake here. This is not a toy, it is a fancy device that will give you lots of fun and will help you to accomplish some great aerial adventures if you use it well.

The construction of the DJI Phantom 2 is very solid. This ship can withstand some crashes and you can even purchase the propeller’s guards to help you keep your bird in good shape. The funniest part of this device is actually the camera.

The ship comes with a Zenmuse Gimbal for you to attach a Hero 3 HD camera (the camera is not included). This Gimbal actually allows you to take professional footage and it also can be controlled from the remote control of the quadcopter. This device allows you to have hours of fun while you see the world from a whole new perspective.

Start your way with RC helis today!

These are my best RC helicopter reviews, I hope you enjoyed reading this page as much as I did creating it. What are your thoughts so far about RC helicopters? Do you think I’m missing a specific model in this list? If so let me know and I’ll make sure to add it. I invite you to leave a comment and join or start the conversation, it I’ll be great to know about you. Also, don’t forget to push the social buttons so that more people know about this fantastic site.


    • greg karlson says

      DJI Phantom 2-how much do you think this one will cost someone ready with camera? Is it difficult to maintain?

      • Jose Lozano says

        Hi Greg!

        Thanks for your comment.

        The DJI Phantom is a great tool. Actually, the one you’re seeing here does not come with the camera included, and for what I’ve seen you can expect to pay almost $1000 dollars for it. You can check this link here and you’ll see that you’re about to get a fantastic gadget and tool as well.

        About the maintenance, nope, it is very simple in fact, and this is gadget is not just easy to maintain but also very durable. Make sure to check the reviews on Amazon and you’ll see that this is a great piece of technology.

        I hope this information helps, let me know if you need anything else.
        Thanks 😀

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    I just saw the DJI Phantom 2 you mentioned in this article. Actually revering back I had written a review for it on my site too. Here you can check that out: Dji Phantom 2

    I am just impressed with this site and the time you put to bring this great content. As a writer, I know the difficulty of bringing up a site that is useful for readers. Thanks and cheers!

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